TransOral Robotic Surgery


  • TORS is best suited for a cancer tumour which is in the early stage and the size of a tumour is 4cm.
  • Transoral robotic surgery is generally suitable for a tumour which starts growing in the base of the tongue and tonsil and the tumour in the hypopharynx (which is the entrance of the throat into the oesophagus.
  • TORS is generally suitable for cancer in the neck and head area. It is not only a minimally invasive approach, but it also reduces the pain of taking additional therapy.
  • The main advantage of TORS is that the surgeon can reach deep inside the throat where a human hand cannot reach easily.
  • TROS is the most modern technique of eliminating cancer tumour from the base of the tongue.
  • In TORS, the robot-assisted arms are placed directly into the mouth rather than making a small incision
  • However, both radiation and chemotherapy are used to treat cancer of the head and neck, surgery is the best technique as it reduces the risks of any complications post- surgery. The risk of cutting a slit the throat is also reduced in this minimally invasive method called Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS).

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