Dr. Sandeep Nayak - Surgical Oncologist in India

Consultation: Macs Clinic
Timings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 4PM to 7PM.
Thursday - 5PM to 7PM, Saturday - 2PM to 5PM.
Consultation fees: Rs. 1000/-
Address: Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - 56001.

MBBS DNB (General Surgery) DNB (Surgical Oncology) Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Oncology

  • Medical Experience – 19 years
  • Expertise – Advanced Knowledge in Laparoscopy cancer and Robotic cancer surgery (Surgical Oncology)
  • Surgical Experience – For his exceptional surgical skills in Thoracic Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, Urinary Tract Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Breast Cancer etc. Dr. Sandeep Nayak is considered the best surgical oncologist in India.

Also, he has received Basic and Advanced training course in Operative Laparoscopy from the highly acclaimed All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi in 2009. He is a pioneer in advanced laparoscopic cancer surgery like Minimally Invasive Neck Dissection (MIND) for cancer of the mouth and Modified Video Endoscopic Inguinal Lymphadenectomy (VEIL) for the groin nodes.


Dr. Sandeep Nayak has introduced Robotic Assisted Breast- Axillo Insufflated Thyroidectomy (RABIT) treatment in India. Till date, Dr. Nayak has performed above 100 laparoscopic surgeries at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore. On his part he loves to contribute in the society and what better way than being associated with NGOs such as Connect to Heal and Indian Cancer Society. He holds cancer awareness camps and spreads the message of early detection and cure.


Dr Sandeep Nayak-Best Oncologist Or A Genius?

Doctor's Expertise as a Surgical Oncologist :

Years of practice makes you perfect. In the same way, Dr. Sandeep Nayak has years of experience in surgical oncology, be it conventional open cancer surgery or minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgery. There are very few onco-surgeons who are as proficient as him in this field and rightly so, he is considered the best surgical oncologist in India. There are more than 200 types of cancers like Breast cancer, Colon Cancer, Pancreatic cancer and each one of them has to be treated with a specific line of treatment according to the patient’s condition and health.


Consultations at MACS Clinic

Complex diseases need meticulous planning and systematic execution of the plan to get desired results. It has been a quest for us to provide a well-qualified opinion that is scientific and personalised. We offer 2 services at MACS Clinic to take opinions from Dr. Sandeep Nayak and other prominent consultants in the team. Due to the pandemic, we have stopped direct physical consultation. Our steps of consultation will be share with you after booking the appointment.

Consultation with Dr Sandeep Nayak

Consultation Fees  1000/-

What is included?

  • Video consultation
  • Physical examination (if needed for decision making)
  • One-page prescription or advise will be provided.
  • Answers to your specific questions with free follow-up for 5 days from the date of consultation.

Who should opt for this:

  • Newly diagnosed cancer patients who want to get treated under Dr Sandeep Nayak.
  • Patients who have been suggested surgery after chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer and want to consider surgery under Dr Sandeep Nayak.
  • Newly diagnosed cancer patients who want a second opinion from Dr Sandeep Nayak.

Expert Opinion from Dr Sandeep Nayak & Team

(Tumor Board)

Consultation Fees  5000/-

What is included?

  • Video consultation.
  • Physical examination (if needed for decision making).
  • Detailed report on the present condition and possible treatment options including advanced therapies. The opinion will involve at least two experts, one of whom will be Dr Sandeep Nayak.
  • Answers to your specific questions with one free follow-up consultation within 14 days from the date of providing the report.

Who should opt for this:

  • The patient has already completed one line of treatment and there is a recurrence or there is no response.
  • When doctors are giving varied opinions and you are unable to decide.
  • Newly diagnosed cancer (after complete investigations are done) when you want a complete treatment pathway in a structured format.

Laparoscopic cancer Surgery - Painless treatment option for cancer!

Laparoscopic cancer surgery is an advanced technique of cancer surgery assisted by one of the best surgical oncologist in India, Dr. Sandeep Nayak. It is a more efficient type of treatment than traditional open cancer surgery. 


Minimal access cancer surgeries (MACS) like laparoscopy, does not just offer an effective and safe treatment option for the patients, but the scars produced are aesthetically better than that of conventional open surgeries, helping the patient live an almost scar-free life post-surgery, as this procedure leaves no scars.


Our Team Of Experienced Surgical Oncologists In India

Dr. Ameenudhin Khan
Surgical Oncologist

Education :
MBBS from BMC, Bengaluru, DNB (General Surgery)from Sagar hospital, Bengaluru.

Dr. Ameenuddin Khan is a reputed Gastrointestinal Surgeon in Bangalore. He not only practices at his own clinic, Dr. Ameenuddin Khan Clinic but also consults at Greenview Medical Center.

Furthermore, he is an integral member of Dr. Sandeep Nayak’s team and he is an expert in Minimal Access Oncology Surgery and advanced Laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Bharath G
Surgical Oncologist

Education :
MBBS from KIMS, Bangalore MS from NHLMMC, Ahmedabad Mumbai


There are not many doctors who are as skilled and experienced as Dr. Bharath G. The doctor has more than 10 years of experience and his area of interest is minimally invasive and robotic surgery and HIPEC. Also, he makes it a point to keep himself updated with the latest additions happening in surgical oncology.

Further, Dr. Bharath removes time from his busy schedule to be a member of the teaching faculty at RRMCH where he is an Assistant Professor.

Dr Sreekanth Reddy
Surgical Oncology

Education :
MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.CH (Surgical Oncology)


Dr. V Sreekanth Reddy is a hardworking, highly skilled and very competent surgical oncologist having a special interest in Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures, Breast and GI Surgery.

Apart from being an expert in Breast and GI Surgery. surgeries, he is excellent in Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures.


View Team Member


Dr. Sandeep Nayak, one of the best oncologist in India, is skilled in open, robotic & laparoscopic cancer surgery to treat a wide range of malignant conditions.

Robotic Cancer Surgeries are mainly used to operate areas that were hard to reach and require great precision. This includes cancer surgery for the oesophagus, throat, stomach, colon, pancreas, prostate, liver, gynecologic areas like vulvar, ovarian, uterine and cervical. Dr Sandeep Nayak is an expert when it comes to Robotic cancer surgery and has performed hundreds of surgeries using this advanced surgical method.

Surgery to remove the cancer is usually the first step in treating kidney cancer. This may be the only therapy option for cancers of the kidney. Additional therapies may be recommended if the cancer has progressed beyond the kidney. You and your treatment team can talk about your kidney cancer treatment options together.

The stage of primary liver cancer, overall health, and personal preferences as well as your age, all may influence treatment options. If your cancer is small and your liver function is good, your doctor may recommend an operation to remove the liver cancer and a small part of healthy liver tissue that surrounds it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laparoscopy and robotic cancer surgery are also known as Minimal Access Surgery (MACS). This minimally invasive surgery is performed generally for early stages of cancer. In this surgery, the surgeon inserts an instrument called as laparoscopy. The laparoscopic instrument is inserted inside the body by making small incision as compared to open surgery where big cuts are made. A camera is attached to the laparoscopy instrument, which enables the surgeon to get clear images of the organ which is located deep inside the body. The images are shown on the monitor outside.

Robotic cancer surgery is a surgery performed with the help of “Da Vinci” robot. Robotic cancer surgery is a minimal invasive surgery. In this type of surgery, the surgeon sits in front of the monitor which helps in showing HD images of the internal organs. The surgeon performs the surgery with help of robot assisted arms which is inserted into the body by making small incision. Robot assisted cancer surgery helps in carrying out complex surgery with precision and accuracy.

Both laparoscopy and robotic are minimal invasive surgery. Both the surgery is the most modern surgical process for cancer surgery. In laparoscopy surgery, the surgeon performs the surgery by using rigid laparoscopy instrument which has an endoscopic camera which shows the images of the internal organs. The surgeons hand functions in the opposite direction of the instrument. In case of the Da Vinci” robotic cancer surgery, the surgeon sits in front of the console which helps to view the high definition images of the target organ. The robot’s arms move in the direction of the surgeon’s hands, wrist, and finger movements made at the console.

There are many benefits associated with laparoscopy and robotic surgery related to the patient during and post-surgery. The major benefits of laparoscopy and robotic surgery compared to traditional open cancer surgery are - 

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Less blood loss and the need for blood transfusion
  • Few complications post-surgical process
  • The hospital stays will be reduced
  • Less risk of infection
  • Faster recovery and return to normal life.

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