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I went with my instinct and trusted Dr Nayak completely. Though I was terrified of surgery, knowing that Dr Nayak will be doing it gave me confidence at same time. I totally recommend him.

I had booked appointment with doctor Sandeep Nayak based on the positive reviews on Google and Practo. The appointment booking is very organized with well mannered people in the reception. I took the appointment with Dr. Sandeep Nayak for my mother who was having severe stomach pain and the CT scan suggested Lymph nodes and mild metastasis. Doctor carefully examined all the diagnostic documents and listened to all our concerns. He was really polite and explained us what course of action we have to take and cleared our doubts. My mother felt really relived after meeting the doctor, and you will find very few doctors like Mr. Sandeep Nayak who is so qualified but down to earth, where he spends quality time with the patient evaluating the problem in detail. He even speaks in local language to connect with patients. I highly recommend the doctor. Thumbs up to Mr. Sandeep Nayak.

Excellent doctor.. Has great knowledge amd practices best and latest technology. Highly recommended.

One of the best surgeon in Bangalore & India. My hubby had oesophageal adenocarcinoma and we had lots of consultations with various doctors and didnt get confidence what to do. But when we finally consulted with Dr Sandeep Nayak there was some confidence and hope which came back and finally we decided for very critical surgery with Dr Sandeep Nayak. He is knowledgeable, approachable, expert in Robotic & Laproscopy surgery, diagnose very differently and indeed in our case the Esophagectomy surgery went very well and post surgery he is doing well and continuing regular checkups. With all my excellent overall experience with Dr Sandeep Nayak and recovery of my husband i would say any one going with Dr Sandeep Nayak is in safe hands and very high chances of positive and best out come. My best wishes to all who are looking for good oncology surgeon in Bangalore and India should give a try with Dr. Sandeep Nayak before deciding for treatment. Best Wishes from me and my family.

While the doctor was himself good, however, he suggested us to get some other doctor who had a very bad knowledge about the issue at hand. This shows the commitment and thought process about Dr Sandeep that he does not think much about the patient and suggest them to doctor with poor/ pathetic knowledge

The very experience of sir creates confidence in the patients. Soft nature, consoling is great. The patients will have pleasant experiences with the dr. Has high reputation and regards from patients who have been benefited. Each and every patient is special for the dr. Takes responsibility of treating with a service moto.

He diagnosed my problem instantly and provided a meticulous schedule for my current problem. I would definitely recommend him.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak is very caring and easy to approach. I had consulted him for a relative via teleconferencing during which he clearly explained the problem and treatment available for it.

Advanced technology, expertise in using the advanced techniques and experienced matters the most to cure cancer. I highly recommend Dr. Sandeep Nayak's Macs cancer clinic and his team of expertise.

I feel that Dr. Sandeep Nayak is a very experienced and friendly doctor. I had consulted him for a patient in New Delhi and through a conference call he had nicely explained the problem and the process of the treatment to that patient. I'm very satisfied with the consultation with him.

I visited this doctor based on the recommendations on practo. My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to undergo the 2nd operation which is omentectomy with lymph node dissection. We visited Dr Sandeep Nayak for a second opinion. But we decided to get the surgery done for my mother by him as we were totally impressed with the way he spoke and explained. Overall a great doctor with huge amount of patience.He answered all my queries with so much patience. On day 1at his clinic, he sat with us for 1full hour to explain us the problem. Helped me understand what the problem was and why the treatment/surgery was beingsurgery was being given/had to be done for my mother. As per doctor's recommendation, my mother underwent surgery at ramakrishna hospital. He is a doctor who is really passionate about solving the problem rather than the one who is behind money.Even the follow up checkup .we were not charged.This shows that he is so genuine, compassionate and caring.

I was happy with Doctor friendliness. Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money Dr SaNdeep's approach for cancer treatment is just fabulous. He is very patient and understanding. I had approached him for my grandmothers liver cancer and my aunts breast cancer treatments. I was overall satisfied and happy that we were at the right doctor.